Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finding Joy

Today was a day of celebration.  My first Mother's Day, my mom's and mother in law's first Mother's Day as grandmas.  It's a gift to see how much Baby J brightens up family gatherings.  Pretty much everything he does is met with delight, laughter, indulgence.  Look, he's playing with the camera cord!  Watch him hold that sippy cup!  Soak it up now, kid.  We should too - the challenging toddler years are not far away.  

My mission is to find happiness every day - to get back to feeling like myself.  Today I found joy in:

1) The ice cream cake my mother brought me for my birthday - I feel rich when I have something so decadent in my freezer!

2) J's TWO HOUR NAP this morning - I was able to lie down and read for quite a while and it was heavenly.  I'm reading Julia Glass's Three Junes - which is fantastic, by the way.  (I also had to really fight with J to get him to nap this afternoon - 30 minutes -  so don't be jealous.)

3) The cuteness of J saying "yocks" for "blocks."  (That $10.00 sorting block set was a great buy!)

4) Spending time with family - I am lucky enough to genuinely like my family - the one I was born into and the one into which I married.

5) My mom gave me a lily of the valley plant that was culled from one she has had for years.  It was originally my great-grandmother's plant.  And it's my birth month flower too.  What a special gift! 

Mother's Day can sometimes seem kind of cheesy and trumped up, but today was simply a very good day.

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  1. I hope you had an amazing first mother's day!