Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Staycation 2012 Update

It's Day Five of My Great Big Summer Staycation -a week off, with the hubby-hubs having four days off.  It's been awesome.  Before Baby, I usually took staycations (we don't travel very often - we'd like to, we just don't have the money and it's hard for my husband to get time off) and filled them up with errands.  My post-baby staycation has thus-far been a satisfying mix of errands and play.  Just rambling around the house and yard with Hubs and Baby is supremely satisfying.  And cheap!  I love this stage Baby's in - everything is interesting.  A leaf, a flower, a baby monitor, a spoon, a newspaper.  Everything is something to inspect, wave in the air, tear apart, bang against something else.  I do have to wrangle him away from the computer and the dvd player about eight times a day, but so far no major damage has been done.

So what have I done in my four days off?  I have:
- Read Billy Bob Thornton's memoir - freaking hilarious and very insightful.  He's a strange dude, to be sure, but I think we're all strange and he's just not afraid to show his brand of weirdness.  It's a great read, but if you can't handle cursing, then DON'T READ IT.

- Cleaned my dish drainer by the kitchen sink.  It's something I forget about, and the other night I happened to notice that it was growing its own eco-system.  But now it's clean!

- Amended and mailed our tax return.  We forgot to pay something.  Oops!

- Made pesto with the basil we grow.  Didn't have pine nuts or walnuts, so I used pistachios.  Turned out yummy!

- Not looked at Facebook for two days straight.  Kind of nice.

-Ordered Little Man some shoes.  Boy doesn't have shoes!  Now that he's cruising the furniture, he needs them.

- Watched "True Grit" with Hubs - the newer version.  Pretty good.  Hubs had been wanting to see it.

 - Took naps along with Baby.  I am one of those people who would take a nap about 3pm every day if I could.

- Had some pals come over for dinner.  We've not entertained much post-baby, but now he's getting to an age where he can handle lots of people and also stay awake a bit later.  So we're going to have people over more often.

That's just some of the fun here at our house this week!  I needed this time off so very much.